The Sehome Neighborhood is located on the north side of Sehome Hill just below the Arboretum. Many of the homes on Sehome hill have views of the City of Bellingham to the west and Mt Baker to the east. Sehome being one of the older neighborhoods in Bellingham, is very established with most of the homes being constructed in the 1920's or earlier. Some of the homes in the Sehome Neighborhood are architecturally impressive and hold historical value.

While there are many single family residences in the Sehome Neighborhood, there are nearly 200 multifamily buildings within the neighborhood. These multifamily buildings are popular rentals for Western Washington University students due to the proximity to the University's campus.

The eastern side of the Sehome Neighborhood along both sides of Samish Way is zoned for commercial use. There are a handful of motels in this area along Samish Way. This is also an area with some commercial redevelopment to the south of Samish Way.
Parks located within the Sehome Neighborhood

The largest park in the Sehome Neighborhood is the Sehome Hill Arboretum and Park, which is owned by the City of Bellingham and WWU. Other notable parks within the Sehome Neighborhood include Laurel Park, Forest Park and Cedar Park.
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