The Lettered Streets neighborhood was originally settled in the 1850's by sawmill workers. Later in the 1890's and 1900's many homes began being constructed in this area due to the close proximity to downtown Bellingham. The Lettered Streets neighborhood still maintains this "old town" feel and being situated adjacent to Bellingham's CBD is an ideal location for people working downtown.

Currently, the Lettered Streets Neighborhood enjoys a mix of multifamily and single family residences. Being on the fringe of the CBD, there is also a fair amount of commercial zoning to the south and west border of the neighborhood along Cornwall Ave. The Lettered Streets Neighborhood is also home to Whatcom Middle School.
Parks located within the Lettered Streets Neighborhood

The Maritime Heritage Center is a 2.4 acre park located at the south of the Lettered Streets Neighborhood. The Maritime Heritage Center is also home to the Whatcom Creek Hatchery, were people of all ages can watch the salmon return to Whatcom Creek during the months of October and November. Other notable parks in the Lettered Streets Neighborhood include Battersby Field (3.8 acres) and Fout's Park (1.4 acres).
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