Deception Pass State Park on Fidalgo Island is a 4,134 acre wonderland. The state park offers temperate forests and is teaming with marine life. Deception Pass State park offers; camping, boat moorage, hiking trails, amphitheaters, diving, sea kayaking and much more.

The Deception Pass Bridge

The Deception Pass Bridge is the hub of Fidalgo Island, Pass Island & Whidbey Island. The bridge, which was originally constructed in 1934 - 1935, is the most dramatic feature of the park. The steep rocky cliffs and deep swirling waters create a breathtaking atmosphere. Pass Island has a small turn out for tourist to get out of their cars and walk around. There is a walkway under the bridge that allows pedestrians to cautiously explore the island and pass to the other side of the bridge. When exploring Pass Island, you are strongly advised to stay on the paths. The cliffs are very steep and the current is extremely strong below the bridge.

Sea Kayaking Deception Pass

Deception Pass is a dream for sea kayakers. Canoe Pass is the narrow passage of water between Pass Island and Fidalgo Island. Maneuvering Canoe Pass or Deception Pass without kayak experience and a knowledgeable guide should not be considered. Due to the strong currents and changing conditions, it is extremely dangerous to attempt without proper instruction. If you are interested in Sea Kayaking Deception Pass check out local expert, Erik Schorr's company Anacortes Kayak Tours. He is extremely knowledgeable and comes highly recommended.
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